Full Scope

End to end

Technical & Operations Support


Assessment on the O&M strategy

Assessment and deployment of supervision structure/organization

Service monitoring, supervision of O&M reports

Administration services: energy sales, representation

Strategy for the post-warranty maintenance period: contracting structure and tender strategy



Execution project for permitting

Geotechnical campaign

Detailed topography

Detailed dynamic grid load analysis, and analysis on grid code

Environmental Impact Assessment

Optimization of wind farm design

Issue of relevant Bill of Quantities and specifications

Issue of the tender packages for balance of plant (BOP) and connection infrastructure


Constructability analysis to anticipate planning and design challenges

Owner’s engineering for approvals of construction drawings and documents

Project management structure to follow up cost, planning and quality

Deployment of full supervision structure at site

Contract management to limit change orders

Coordination of different suppliers and contractors and with DISCOM

Detailed monthly progress reports

End to end




  • Analysis of the regulatory frame of the area and of energy market conditions
  • Grid analysis
  • Search for suitable site locations
  • Environmental pre-assessment
  • Selection of the most appropriate technologies
  • Preliminary route survey (wind)
  • Preliminary soil survey, topography,  design and feasibility study


  • Grid connection
  • State, regional, municipality permits
  • Deployment of met masts (wind)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Negotiation of land leasing
  • Energy resource assessment
  • Social or industrial compliance programs
  • Specific permits: aviation (wind) archaeological, public domain, etc
  • Wildlife studies

End to end



  • Budgeting
  • Construction Tenders
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Green energy auctions
  • Arrange COMSA / AMSA
  • Contractual: EPC, PPA, AMSA…

Debt & equity financing

  • Financial modeling
  • Debt advisory
  • Equity advisory
  • Insurance
  • Due diligence: Technical, legal…
  • Contractual: SPA, SHA…